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About Me

I grew up in Michigan, spent 9 years in school in the East, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.  I then interned with the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, in Washington, DC before getting married to my dear wife, Nancy, and moving back to Michigan to get a Master's Degree in Natural Resource Policy and Political Science from Michigan State University.  My love of the outdoors (fly-fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking and backpacking, running) fueled my passion for the West.  I became the Project Director for the Public Lands Institute (PLI), based in Denver.  After PLI merged with the Natural Resources Defense Council, we  decided to stay in Denver and start a family (we have 3 incredible kids).  At that time, I started a direct-mail service company, Colorado Data Mail,  with the help of my family.  I ran that company for 38 years and retired in the Fall of 2019 to focus more on my photography.

I have been shooting for about 20 years, starting with Kodachrome slide film, then Fugi Velvia, and finally switching to the incredible freedom of digital photography.  Landscape photography was my first love, given all the wonderful outdoor scenes that presented themselves every time I picked up a fly-rod.  I branched out into cross-country skiing as a natural extension.  Living in Colorado, I began taking my camera to small rodeos, where I became intrigued by the people and the culture around rodeo.  The architecture of the West became another attraction for me.

I hope that you'll spend some time exploring my site, and please reach out to me through the "Contact Me" button above.  I'd be happy to discuss print options (sizes and substrates including metal, canvas, and acrylic) and pricing with you.  And thanks for visiting my site!

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